2012 Annual Conference

Peacebuilding 2.0: Managing Complexity and Working Across Silos

2013 USIP

Conference participants gather at the United States Institute of Peace.

The AfP 2012 Annual Conference entitled Peacebuilding 2.0: Managing Complexity and Working Across Silos, was held May 10 to 12 in Washington, DC, with a focus on complexity and new models for peacebuilding. During three consecutive days of programming and events, nearly 150 AfP members and participants came together—a 34% increase from 2011—to discuss the complex nature of the field and to demonstrate new models for peacebuilding that work across disciplines in chaotic, fragile environments.

  • Panel: Bridging the Genocide Prevention and Conflict Prevention Agendas   Notes
  • Panel: Illuminating the Links between International Education and Peacebuilding  Notes
  • Discussion: How the Work of the U. S. Institute of Peace (USIP) Supports the Peacebuilding Community  Notes
  • Opening Plenary and Keynote Address by Ambassador Rick Barton: Identifying the Hallmarks of 21st Century Conflict and How to Manage Conflict in Complex, Chaotic, and Fragile Environments  Notes | Video
  • Presentation and Discussion: Results of the USIP-funded Peacebuilding Mapping Project  Notes
  • Panel: How Other Fields Manage Complexity – And What Peacebuilding Can Learn from Them  Notes
  • Simulation: Comprehensive, Systems Approach to Peacebuilding in Practice  Notes
  • Presentation: Staff Care and Dealing with Psychological Stress as Peacebuilders  Notes