Conflict Assessment and Peacebuilding Planning

August 15, 2013
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The fields of conflict analysis, management, resolution, prevention and transformation continue to expand beyond NGOs into university departments, religious organizations, media professionals and governments.

In the years since 2001, governments around the world are developing conflict assessment frameworks to complement their other needs assessment and intelligence gathering processes. This handbook assists planners from a variety of different sectors to design better programs to support peace and security.

The handbook contains 1) conflict assessment exercises; 2) self-assessment exercises; and 3) peacebuilding planning frameworks. Conflict assessment exercises help to map the factors increasing conflict and the factors supporting peace. Self-assessment exercises help narrow priorities and assess abilities of those planning peacebuilding. Peacebuilding frameworks offer a range of program options.

Through its synthesis of a wide range of conceptual frameworks into a convenient and logical framework useful for practitioners such as NGOs developing projects, journalists wanting to write conflict-sensitive stories, or government/military agencies designing large scale efforts, this handbook is an essential scholarly and practical tool for the study and implementation of peacebuilding efforts.

About the Author
Lisa Schirch is research professor of peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University and founding director of 3P Human Security at the Alliance for Peacebuilding. Her publications include The Little Book of Strategic Peacebuilding, Civilian Peacekeeping: Reducing Violence and Making Space for Democracy, and Ritual and Symbol in Peacebuilding.

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