Call for Applications: Yale World Fellows Program, Yale University

October 28, 2013
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October 28, 2013
By Craig Zelizer

The application for the Yale World Fellows Program is now live, and is due December 4, 2013.

During the four month program, Yale World Fellows are fully immersed in the University community. They share their expertise and ideas in classes and seminars across Yale and New Haven. While most activities take place on campus in New Haven, the Program sponsors trips to New York City and Washington, DC and an off-site retreat. The Yale World Fellows Program is offered annually from mid-August to mid-December and is sponsored and fully funded by Yale and supporting partners.

There are four building blocks to the program:

  • The Seminar

    The cornerstone of the Yale World Fellows Program is a 15-week global affairs colloquium taught by renowned faculty from across Yale’s undergraduate, graduate and Professional schools. Through exposure to both classical philosophical texts, current academic research and practical thought, the program creates a real-world experience unlike any traditional academic program. Fellows are challenged to test their own boundaries, to think differently about their work to date and to consider new and potentially multi-disciplinary directions.

  • 360º Skill-Building

    World Fellows are brought to Yale at a critical point in their careers. They have been recognized as leaders but are looking to have even greater professional impact. We respond by providing a structured space for self-assessment, reflection, and peer feedback. Sessions facilitated by Yale School of Management faculty expose Fellows to negotiation, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Fellows also receive individualized coaching in public speaking and media training, building confidence and enhancing personal presence.

  • Up-Close Leadership Conversations

    In an off-the-record conversation series, Fellows hear the personal side of professional trajectories and have the opportunity to ask hard questions to some of the world’s most gifted practitioners. The World Fellows have hosted leaders ranging from former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan; former heads of state Ernesto Zedillo and Tony Blair; U.S. Supreme Court Justices Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg; and award-winning writers David Brooks and Elizabeth Alexander. Fellows also interact with prominent leaders across sectors during field trips to policy, cultural and financial hubs Washington, DC and New York City.

  • Self-Directed Study

    Fellows can audit almost any of the 2,000+ courses offered at Yale University with the opportunity to develop or continue work on individual or collaborative research projects. They also spend time building relationships with Yale faculty and students, giving talks and lectures and engaging in informal dialogue and debate. Many get involved with Yale and local community organizations, providing a valuable exchange of ideas.

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