Discover Building Peace Issue 2: Preventing Deadly Conflict

October 3, 2013
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Alliance for Peacebuilding
September 30, 2013

While the March 2013 inaugural issue of Building Peace explored the broad concept of peacebuilding, today we are proud and excited to share with you our second issue, entitled “Preventing Deadly Conflict,” which focuses on how the peacebuilding community works to prevent wars before they start.

Once again, it is the compelling stories shared by peacebuilding experts from around the world that make this issue so captivating. From Myanmar, to Nigeria and Colombia, you will learn about a wide diversity of creative and effective initiatives designed to foster peace and prevent conflict from escalating to violence.

We are honored that Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, and one of the great champions of the peacebuilding community, was able to sit down with us this summer in New York to speak freely about the experiences that have inspired him throughout his long career. During our fascinating conversation, Jan Eliasson provided us with many examples that shed light on the dedicated efforts of those who work every day to avert wars around the world.

With the ongoing crisis in Syria and the tragic events in Kenya, we are reminded yet again about the need for violence prevention strategies, at the policy and practical level, and how critical it is to share our knowledge and expertise. Our hope is that this new issue of Building Peace will prompt further discussion and cooperation amongst us all to create successful alternatives to deadly conflict.
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We would also like to take a moment to thank Marie-Laure Poiré for all the work she did as interim editor-in-chief over this past summer, in bringing this issue of Building Peace to life. The results of her energy and engagement speak for themselves.

Thank you for your support and your continuing partnership with the Alliance for Peacebuilding!