B-Gifted – #WhatsYourPeace?

September 22, 2015

During Sierra Leone’s Civil War, mass amputation was used as a weapon of war. The amputation of many civilians strongly portrayed the dismal realities  of the long years of fighting.  My peace in Sierra Leone has been widely known as a ‘journey of hope.’  We showed love to children in camps by distributing Teddy Bears and books, gifts that brought smiles, peace, and love to the hearts and faces of many children.

Realizing the lingering and persistent realities of trauma, hardship, deprivation, and marginalization the amputees faced, my organization B-Gifted Foundation decided in its mission to promote peace and human rights, began targeting amputee camps in a journey of hope, healing, forgiveness and reconciliation and recovery. We brought professionals from around the world to these camps to host workshops with the aim of helping victims of amputation heal, regain inner peace and peace with those who have caused them harm, build self-esteem, body image reconstruction, and be able to imagine a life of hope in the aftermath of conflict.

B-Gifted also created micro-credit support to boost the victims of amputation financially and provide them with the means to become entrepreneurs, grow business, and survive in a country and perhaps a world that has slowly left these victims of amputation into the despairing state as forgotten victims.

My peace has also evolved in the creation of the Digital Hope Project which gives amputee victims of war an innovative platform and digital opportunity, as well as a chance to learn life skills through Information Communication Technology training, and provides them with entrepreneurial tools and skills previously unknown to them. My peace has therefore created a powerful voice for victims of amputation to use technology to tell their stories of war, hope, peace, passage of grief to healing and recovery.

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