Concordis International – #WhatsYourPeace?

September 22, 2015

They called us ‘visitors for peace’.  As the welcome dance ended, the Turkana youth singers approached the Concordis International  team, the men shaking hands, the women wearing dresses made from colourful national flags and wreathed in smiles. The final week of July 2015 saw Peace Committee members from four of the five South Sudan Border States travel with members of Concordis’ South Sudan team to share learning with peace initiatives in the Uganda/Kenya border region.

“The key purpose of the study tour was to allow members from our Peace Committees to experience the peaceful cross-border coexistence between nomadic pastoralists from the border regions of Uganda and Kenya […] It was a very peaceful tour.” – Jimmy Okumu, South Sudan Programme Manager.

Conflict does not respect borders. In fact borders and boundaries can contribute to the challenges of living in a contested area, especially in the world’s newest country. Concordis International’s Cross-border Peacebuilding Programme establishes and trains ‘Peace Committees’ along contested areas of the Sudan and South Sudan Border. This Programme has made great strides in bringing formerly conflicting communities together through dialogue and meaningful cooperation.

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