Kemal Pervanic – #WhatsYourPeace?

September 22, 2015

Young architects, local youth and children participate in the process of designing a new Youth Centre in the war-ruined village of Kevljani, Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H). The Kevljani Youth Centre project, in the municipality of Prijedor, is being developed by arts and peacebuilding charity Most Mira (Bridge of Peace), who have involved a group of young architecture graduates from The Cass School of Architecture, London and students from Banja Luka Faculty of Architecture, B&H, to collaborate in the design of the youth centre.

The young architects have organised and run a series of participative peacebuilding design workshops involving local youth. This includes surveying an existing ruined house on the site and preparing an interactive travelling exhibition for local public consultation events, containing a 3D jig-saw model of an existing ruined house on the site, a village map noticeboard and large exhibition sheets, which participants can build on and offer local knowledge and comments. The exhibition has been successfully held in 3 local venues, contributing greatly to the design, which has been submitted for planning permission. Most Mira are currently fundraising for the Youth Centre build, which they aim to begin in summer 2016 through a series of student and community building workshops. For more information visit

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