Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals by Supporting Peace: How Business Can Contribute (Fall 2015)

By Anita Ernstorfer, Diana Chigas, Adrienne Gardaz Cuendet, Leimer Tejeda, CDA

As the business community around the world increasingly recognizes its potential to contribute to peace, further leveraged by the SDG process, this resource sets out the basic parameters of a strategic and positive engagement by companies–beyond risk management, and “do no harm” – in support of peace. As an introduction to the discussion on how business contributions to peace can be identified, monitored and evaluated, it provides the conceptual foundation to move the business for peace movement to scale. As next steps, exploring and articulating a more practical understanding of business contributions to peace, developing more evidence through case studies, and sharing of experiences will be key.

This document is a result of a partnership between the UN Global Compact Business for Peace platform, CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, and the engagement of an Advisory Group. It also provides a foundation for CDA’s Collaborative Learning Project on “Business for Peace.”

Available for download here: