NEXT GEN PEACE #PeaceCon2016

2016 Annual Conference

May 24 to 26, Washington, DC

John Paul Lederach, Professor of International Peacebuilding at the University of Notre Dame and Senior Fellow at Humanity United, delivers his Keynote Address on a "decades thinking" approach to peacebuilding in Nepal.

John Paul Lederach, Professor of International Peacebuilding at the University of Notre Dame and Senior Fellow at Humanity United, delivers his Keynote Address on a “decades thinking” approach to peacebuilding in Nepal.

The 2015 Global Peace Index warned of violence rising significantly in the world, with the cost of violence estimated at $43 trillion. The headlines confirm the statistics, with unprecedented chaos in the Middle East, the rise of extremism, the Ebola epidemic, and – in the US – mass shootings and continued civil unrest. The peacebuilding field is addressing these complex challenges in ways that would have been unimaginable ten years ago – drawing on systems theory, neuroscience, media, psychosocial healing, environmental intervention, education, and many other fields – to create new frameworks for positive peace and the reduction of deadly violence.

AfP’s 2016 Annual Conference examined the newest developments in the peacebuilding field, and captured the “view from the edges,” where peacebuilding is innovating, “looking around corners,” and scanning the horizon to revolutionize the field. The conference welcomed more than 500 attendees and 155 speakers from 23 countries and 195 different organizations, over 3 full days of programming featuring 38 unique sessions. Conference sessions covered topics as diverse as climate change, trauma healing, and electoral violence, to race relations in America, storytelling, violent extremism, fragility, systems, technology and evaluation.

Tuesday, May 24

  • Keynote Panel on Teambuilding and Human Empowerment: How Do We Imagine “Creative Teams” for Peace? Notes Video
  • Keynote Address by Amb. Robinson Video
  • Tabletop Talks
  • Workshop on Hacking for Peace: A Hands-on Session Exploring the Application of the Hackathon Model for CVE Notes
  • Breaking the Conventional Wisdom on CVE: Examining the Evidence Notes Video
  • Social Covenants: Reimagining the Ties that Bind in Turbulent States
  • Workshop on Resilience and Empathy: “Winning” the Hearts and Minds of Peacebuilders
  • Climate Change and the Impact of Conflict: Resilience, Conflict and Fragility in Various Forms
  • How to Change the Narrative for Peace: Building the Case for Peace and Security in the Media
  • Social Enterprise for Peace Notes
  • High-Quality Design and Monitoring for Atrocity Prevention Programs
  • Workshop on People Power: Unarmed Civilian Protection and the Health Approach to Preventing Violence
  • Countering Violent Extremism: For a Whole of Society Approach Notes
  • Workshop: Making a Difference Through Storytelling
  • Telling the Story of Positive Peace
  • Affinity Group: Education & Training Notes
  • Affinity Group: Mali

Wednesday, May 25

  • Affinity Group: Neuroscience
  • Affinity Group: Locally-Led Peacebuilding
  • John Paul Lederach Keynote Address and Discussion Video
  • Peacebuilding in the US: Solutions from Local Communities
  • Workshop: Rehumanizing Islam Through Virtual Reality & Virtual Exchange Notes
  • Moving the Needle – Making Peacebuilding Evaluation Stronger
  • The Lure of Violent Extremism: Push Factors and What We Can Do About Them Notes
  • Young Peacebuilders’ Forum
  • Innovate This: Local Perspectives on Creative Change and Obstacles to Innovation
  • Workshop on the Role of Reflection in Peacebuilding: Techniques and Practices
  • Technology in the Forecasting and Documentation of Electoral Violence Notes
  • Healing the Invisible Wounds of Trauma: An Intimate Conversation
  • Leveraging Systems Thinking and Conflict Sensitive Programming to Strengthen Development Solutions in Fragile Contexts
  • Lobbying and Advocacy: How Congress Funds Peacebuilding and How Can We Do It Better?
  • ‘Alors, On Dance.’ Art, Hip Hop, Music and Filmmaking as a Path to Tolerance and Understanding Notes
  • Affinity Group: Women & Peacebuilding
  • Telling Stories of Peace: Bringing the Peacebuilding Message to Hollywood and Beyond Video

Thursday, May 26

  • Keynote Address Video
  • Next Gen Fragility: New Approaches to Peace and Governance in Fragile States Video
  • Civil-Military-Police Coordination for Human Security: Peacebuilding Approaches to Local Ownership Video
  • Exploring the Intersections Between Peacebuilding, Nonviolent Social Movements, and Civilian Protection Notes
  • Bridging the Gap: Tools for Systems Thinking in Practice Video
  • Next Gen Colombia: An Inside View of the Peace Process and Beyond
  • War Changes Everyone: The Hidden Costs of War at Home and Abroad Video
  • Next Gen Funding: Perspectives on the 2016 Peace and Security Funding Index and Beyond Video