Political is Personal / Israel + Palestine – #WhatsYourPeace

By Sarah Arnd Linder (Founder of Political is Personal / Israel + Palestine)

Political is Personal / Israel + Palestine is a new project of interviews conducted with Palestinian and Israeli women conveying how the conflict has affected their lives. Their individual stories are published online for the world to see.

The project was founded as a salute to the importance of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, emphasizing- and personalizing the voices of women in one of the most seemingly intractable conflicts in the world.

The interviews are conducted in a secure, non-judgmental and respectful environment always prioritizing the needs and wishes of the interviewee due to the sensitivity of the stories and the political situation of the region.

In addition to this, the storytelling are as raw and truthful as possible with few edits and changes to the interviewee’s descriptions of her life in an attempt to genuinely channel the words and experiences as described by the women themselves.


The following are excerpts from two stories: 

From Irit’s story (#11)

“I’ve been through a lot of traumas all from when we had to run to shelters from the Syrian light bombs to the Gulf War and the 90’s suicide bombing attacks.

During the 90’s I was so scared. I was scared of coming to Tel Aviv, and I stopped going to Jerusalem. I remember, how I once drove in the bus from Rishon Lezion to Tel Aviv, and a man sat with a briefcase. He kept closing and opening it up, and every time it did “click-clack,” and I was convinced that he would commit a suicide bombing attack.”

From Manal’s story (#12)

“One of my own experiences, which I clearly recall is when I went through the Rafah crossing with my mother and sister. People on busses, including the bus we were on, had to go through this scanner. When it was my mother’s turn to go through, I was still on the bus, but I saw and heard an Israeli soldier shouting on a microphone to my mother: “What’s between your legs?!” My mom had her periods, and I think her tampon had leaked.”


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