AfP’s Human Security Program

We are pleased to share several exciting updates to AfP’s Human Security program. Issues of human security, policing, security sector reform, civ-mil relations, and the relationship between governance and security could not be more important as we look around the world –and at our own country. Many of AfP’s members place human security at the center of their own work, and we remain deeply committed to serving as a strong voice in this critical area. Here is the latest information on AfP’s team.

Lisa SchirchLisa Schirch has moved from her position as Director of Human Security for AfP to a new role as AfP’s Senior Advisor for Policy. We are thrilled that Lisa will continue to work closely with AfP on a full range of human security programs, as well as our broader advocacy portfolio. Lisa has been a key leader in the field, developing a people-centered security strategy and working with civil societies and security forces around the world to improve human security in complex contexts. Under Lisa’s leadership, AfP’s Human Security program has successfully opened channels of communication between the Pentagon and local civil society organizations (CSOs) working to build human security from the ground up through conflict prevention and peacebuilding. In December, Lisa—with AfP, GPPAC, and other partners—launched the Civil-Military-Police Handbook on Human Security, Community Engagement and Security Sector Development. The culmination of a comprehensive, three-year project, the publication represents the first-ever handbook and online training curriculum to guide the successful partnership of civil society and security forces including the police.

Jon RudyAs we expand our program, we are honored to welcome Jonathan (Jon) Rudy to AfP’s Human Security team. Jon joins us as Senior Advisor on Human Security, bringing with him more than twenty-five years of experience facilitating strategic peacebuilding in 30 countries in Asia and Africa. He is the current Peacemaker-in-Residence and professor of Peace and Conflict Studies for Elizabethtown College’s Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking. Throughout his career, Jon has focused his work and mentorship in peacebuilding and conflict transformation on grassroots communities and middle-out leadership.

9781941758373_FCAfP’s Senior Fellow, Col. (ret.) Chris Holshek, continues to work with AfP as an integral part of our Human Security team. Chris came to AfP after thirty years in the military as a civil affairs officer, and he brings deep perspectives on the challenges of integrating military  and civilian strategies for peace. Additionally, Chris just released his new book, Travels with Harley, about citizenship and service, freedom and responsibility and finding what it means to be an American in today’s world. It is an empowering call to find personal and national identity through service to others starting in our own communities. For more information – and to support his Ride for Service this spring — please go

This stellar team, along with Melanie Greenberg, President and CEO and Liz Hume, Senior Director for Programs and Strategy, will continue working to achieve a people-centered security strategy through the dissemination of the Handbook, and advocacy around central issues of human security. AfP will continue to serve as a resource for informed human security-oriented perspectives among civil society and security forces—and will share these informed perspectives with policymakers in Washington and around the world.