Handbook on Human Security: A Civil-Military-Police Curriculum

By Lisa Schirch

Today’s security challenges are complex—there are no simple solutions—but the Alliance for Peacebuilding has continued to make compelling strides toward a global framework for informed and effective human security strategy.

Human security aims to address the root causes of today’s crises, ensuring the rights and needs of people, and addressing the root causes of conflict: citizens who live with dignity and have hope for their future rarely take up arms or join extremist movements.

Security forces face complex environments with a diverse range of local actors. Peacebuilders on the ground have the local knowledge to shape the successful connection of civil society with security forces. This collaboration is crucial in achieving the shared goal of resolving conflicts and providing for the security of people, yet to date, few guidelines exist to guide the successful partnership of civil society and security forces.

AfP’s Director of Human Security, Lisa Schirch, has spearheaded a comprehensive, three-year project culminating in the Handbook on Human Security, representing a giant leap forward for our civil-military human security capability in the peacebuilding field — a wealth of information to better prepare civilians, military, and police for coordinating with each other for human security.

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