AfP 2015 Annual Report

The Alliance for Peacebuilding has published its 2015 Annual Report, highlighting our accomplishments over the past year. 2015 saw great victories for peacebuilding, including the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, the UN Security Resolution 2250 giving youth a voice as peacebuilders, and the Iran Nuclear Deal bringing a peaceful resolution to a potentially inflammatory conflict in the Middle East. At the same time, we cannot turn away from the fact that, today, more than 60 million people are either refugees or internally displaced because of conflict and violence. Violent conflict rages in Syria, Yemen, and across the world, and violent extremism remains a very difficult challenge for peacebuilidng. Fractured politics and hateful political rhetoric make it exponentially more difficult to resolve the core drivers of these crises.

Peacebuilding is a growing, multifaceted field of professionals working around the world to prevent and resolve violent conflict by addressing root causes and creating more resilient societies. AfP serves to advance the peacebuilding community at a time when the world most needs our voices and strategic engagement.

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