Post Election Message from AfP’s President

November 15, 2016

afp_logo_vert_largeDear friends from the US – and around the world,

Like all of you, we at the Alliance for Peacebuilding are reeling in the aftermath of Tuesday’s election. We woke up to recognize ourselves as a deeply divided society – in ways that are very familiar to us from our work in divided and conflict affected nations everywhere.

We draw hope from the fact that, as an international community of peacebuilders, we have the tools, the passion, and the commitment necessary to help bridge the divides that emerged so starkly on Tuesday. We can model peace, inclusion, human rights, and dignity in the face of populism and hate-filled politics.

However, change will not occur simply by reaching out to powerful political leaders. Every one of us needs to take action in our own communities, wherever they might be, re-knitting the fabric of society from the ground up, and giving dignity to communities that feel disenfranchised and disrespected. This is the essence of peacebuilding.

Over the next weeks and months, the Alliance for Peacebuilding commits to:

Linking the wisdom of our national and international partners with communities here in the US, to help bridge divides and begin national healing. We will explore establishing a “Bridging Fund” to make work at this community level possible.

Collaborating with powerful networks like GPPAC, InterAction and the USGLC to push back against the politics of fear and hate, and to ensure a strong voice and ample resources for peacebuilding.

Continuing a strong advocacy program for peacebuilding with the US government, and in policy centers around the world – bringing in the strong voices of our network.

Over the next days and months, the Alliance for Peacebuilding stands ready to amplify the voice of our community, and serve as a rallying point for peace and reconciliation. We will be in touch shortly with further ideas – and we ask all of you to share your views and ideas with us!


Melanie Greenberg

President & CEO