2017 Annual Conference Recap

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Each year, the Alliance for Peacebuilding’s Annual Conference gathers together a diverse network of peacebuilders and provides them with the opportunity to share their achievements, insights, and, most importantly, visions for the future of peacebuilding. The 2017 Annual Conference, held from October 11 to 13, was no exception, attracting 466 attendees and 176 speakers.

Over the course of three action-packed days, conference participants engaged in an array of activities and workshops structured around cutting-edge developments in the field of peacebuilding. Notable topics covered at this year’s conference ranged from innovative financing for peace to the power of narratives for the future of peace. Bringing together peacebuilders from 205 organizations operating in 31 different countries, the 2017 Annual Conference served as a pivotal juncture for exploring the challenges facing the field of peacebuilding, as well as developing collaborative solutions for the future.

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Day 1 – October 11

Keynote Address: Sustaining Peace VIDEO(36:25)

Next Steps for Peace in Mosul VIDEO(1:21:10)

Innovative Approaches for Financing Peace VIDEO(2:57:35)

Better Learning for Better Results: Improving the Impact of M&E in Peacebuilding VIDEO

Celebrating the International Day of the Girl: Girls’ Empowerment for Peace VIDEO(6:53:58)

Rewiring the Brain for Peace: A New Frontier in Peacebuilding VIDEO

Day 2 – October 12

Introduction and the Power of Narratives for the Future of Peace VIDEO

Collective Action for Peace Part I: State of the Peacebuilding Field and Ignite Talks VIDEO

Conflict and Peacebuilding in the United States: What is the Problem and the Peacebuilding Solution? AUDIO

Armed Groups and Inclusive Peace Processes: Re-Imagining Post-War Politics AUDIO

Intersection Between Counter Violent Extremism, Fragility, and Stabilization AUDIO

Collective Action for Peace Part II: Mobilizing the Field for Collective Impact VIDEO

Day 3 – October 13

Future of Peace Inaugural Lecture: Pinker, Lovins, and the Science of Applied Hope VIDEO

Beyond a Leap of Faith: Evaluative Reflections on the Practices of Monitoring and Evaluating Inter-Religious Peacebuilding VIDEO

Financing Peacebuilding Work: State of Foundation and Government Funding VIDEO

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