Book Launch with Michael Dziedzic

January 23, 2017

Michael Dziedzic Event On Wednesday, January 18th, the Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) hosted a book launch for Michael Dziedzic on his new book, Criminalized Power Structures: The Overlooked Enemies of Peace. He began by defining what a Criminalized Power Structure (CPS). CPS is an influential industry within a nation’s political economy that operates through the grey or black economies, giving it an incentive to spoil or prevent peace agreements to preserve or increase its economic rents and “political positionality.” Michael distinguished between three groups that interact with CPS and how to interact with them. “Irreconciables” are those who prefer violence and must be met with a sufficiently capable military force and court system to deter them. Those with negotiable interests are those who require new structures through which they can engage with society to help mold how it obtains and retains peace. Supporters of the peace process require mechanisms by which they are assured that accountability can manifest after the peace agreement.

After Michael’s discussion, we were pleased to hear comments from Ambassador James Dobbins and Stefan Feller, the United Nations Police Adviser. The Ambassador talked briefly about three lessons learned from his time as a part of the Clinton Administration. First, that a force strong enough to deter violent aggression. Second, an ability to work with partners that have a stake in the conflict, especially those within the region. Third, the intervening party must take accountability of the intervention. Stefan Feller updated us on how he sees ways of assessing the risks and uncertainty of US missions.