AfP Hosts “Partnering for Peace: Working Together on Goal 16” Event

March 9, 2017
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As part of Global Partnerships Week, the Alliance for Peacebuilding hosted a roundtable discussion about working together on Goal 16 of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals: promoting just, peaceful, and inclusive societies. Over thirty people attended, including representatives of the State Department’s Office of Global Partnerships and Concordia, two of the hosts for Global Partnerships Week.

Attendees discussed strategies for reaching out to new partners in the pursuit of Goal 16: how to define objectives for partnership, how to perform outreach, how to reach across sectors, how to create shared value, and how to communicate results. Attendees discussed lessons learned in forming partnerships for peace in the past, and identified potential new avenues for forming coalitions for peace in the future. The word clouds and diagrams below are the result of polling the group during the discussion (click on each image for a larger view).

What is peacebuildingWhat is the biggest obstacle to partnershipWhat can you offer partners What do you want from partners What Goal 16 indicator would you like to focus on the mostWhat sector would you like to partner with the most