Measuring Peacebuilding Cost-Effectiveness

Measuring-Peacebuilding_WEB-1AfP was proud to feature the latest report from the Institute for Economics and Peace, Measuring Peacebuilding Cost-Effectiveness at a roundtable on March 9th. This seminal research uses the case of Rwanda to estimate that the cost-effectiveness ratio of peacebuilding at 1:16. This means that if countries currently in conflict increased or received increased levels of peacebuilding funding to appropriate levels estimated by this model, then for every dollar invested now, the cost of conflict would be reduced by 16 dollars over the long run!

Eventually, IEP hopes to explore which types of peacebuilding may be more cost-effective than others. For now, we have data to support what our members have long believed: that peacebuilding is highly cost-effective. We hope this evidence will inspire new investments in peacebuilding which will reap benefits for global stability AND the global economy.

You can read the full report here.