CVE and M&E: Working Group Discussion

On June 13th, Anita Ernstorfer and Lillie Ris presented to the CVE Working Group on their new publication, Applying Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation Strategies to Emerging Programming Approaches to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism. The paper is aimed to provide DM&E knowledge for the P/CVE field, especially for those who run multi-level initiatives for socio-political change. The paper applies existing approaches and learnings from DM&E of peacebuilding and development initiatives to the emerging field of P/CVE. This resource was produced in collaboration with the Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium, funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

The paper addresses common critiques of and challenges for P/CVE. The authors address different levels of effectiveness, at the program level and a broader peace level. They encourage thoughtful design of P/CVE programs, including defining objectives and theories of change. The authors encourage using emerging tools such as outcome mapping and developmental evaluations. The Working Group discussed how to intergrate this learning into their work, along with other tools from the CVE Digest.

Meetings like this are one way the CVE Working Group meets its goals of building a large, diverse coalition and creating advocacy strategies. If you would like more information about AfP’s CVE Working Group, or other AfP Affinity Groups, contact Liz Hume, Senior Director for Programs & Strategies, at