A Conversation with Joan Blades

Joan Blades presented her organization Living Room Conversations at the Alliance for Peacebuilding on April 5th. Living Room Conversations brings together Americans who are dedicated to connecting across the divide.  This project is helping liberals and conservatives reach out to each other. Blades stated “We’ve always been proud of this country for having different [political and religious] beliefs, and being a proud, functioning democracy. We’re not doing well on this right now,” she says. “We need to reinvest and connect with each other.”

Living Room Conversation is an open source project and the conversations can take place anywhere, even virtually. Two friends with different views invite two of their friends to engage on a topic such as democracy and healthcare. If people have trouble finding other participants, they can search on mismatch.org. The goal of the conversations is not to have all parties agree, but for them to engage respectfully.

AfP has helped prepare a conversation around Peacebuilding in America that will be available to use soon. This conversation will ask questions like:

  • What are the areas of strength that allow the US to overcome division?
  • How would you explain to a child your dream for what a more unified US would look like?

AfP will continue to work with LRC and other Bridge Alliance members as we expand our peacebuilding work in the US.

We are excited to be participating in the upcoming National Week of Conversation. Check out the list of events to find a conversation near you, or plan your own!

Also please check out the documentary American Creed from PBS