Statement on Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

July 27, 2018
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The Alliance for Peacebuilding is proud to reiterate our commitment to fight discrimination, sexual harassment, and abuse within our community. Those working in the peacebuilding field have an obligation to the communities we serve, our staff, our supporters, and our donors not only to uphold and practice high peacebuilding ethics, but to ensure that we promote a strong and healthy organizational climate within the peacebuilding field. AfP has drafted the statement below outlining priorities and best practices for the peacebuilding field.

You can read our full statement here.

Organizations need to have a comprehensive, transparent program in place that clearly details the consequences for inappropriate behavior and provides extensive training to reduce the risk of harassment in the workplace. Training staff on how to prevent and respond appropriately to allegations of wrongdoing is not a one-time, annual training — it requires organization-wide support and an investment in resources that encompasses time, capacity, and money. In addition to prevention, organizations must also provide reporting options and whistleblower protections to ensure the safety and confidentiality of victims and others who come forward, in order to inhibit retaliation. It is also critical to create internal services or connect appropriately to external services that can compassionately and effectively respond to victim’s needs.