Peace Day Recap – A Global Display of Unity

September 26, 2018

Peace Day has come and gone, and what a day it was! Millions of peacebuilders from across the world joined us in a global display of unity in raising the profile of peace! Below are some key highlights from today.



Peacebuilding is in the Dictionary!

We are thrilled to hear that publishers Cambridge, HarperCollins, and MacMillan agreed to include “peacebuilding” in the newest editions of their dictionaries! This timely announcement comes as several organizations are working diligently on a campaign to include peacebuilding in all dictionaries. The coalition includes the African Peacebuilding Network, Alliance for Peacebuilding, Conciliation ResourcesGenerations for PeaceInternational AlertPartners GlobalPeace DirectPeace and Security Funders GroupCatalyst for PeaceMercy Corps, and Search for Common Ground.


We hope to soon see Merriam-Webster DictionaryOxford Dictionaries, and Office follow suit! Learn how to stay involved here! You can also celebrate this occasion by filling out a peacebuilding crossword puzzle!



Announcing Our PeaceCon 2018 Scholarship Recipients

As the hub of the peacebuilding field, the Alliance for Peacebuilding is proud to be hosting local peacebuilders at PeaceCon 2018 as part of our scholarship fund. On Peace Day, we want to recognize the amazing work of those who have been awarded the scholarship! You can learn more about the work of our amazing scholarship recipients by visiting our website.


Fun Photos and Highlights from Today!


Sam Danello, AfP’s Scoville Fellow, at Spinning for Peace in New York.


A new addition to our network, the Rural Education and Agriculture Development Organization, celebrates Peace Day in Somalia.


PartnersGlobal staff celebrate Peace Day in New York.


A life-sized dictionary stands in London to mark the addition of “peacebuilding” to several dictionaries.


Staff from Search for Common Ground, International Alert, and Peace Direct celebrate peacebuilding getting into the dictionary!


Thank you for joining us all in celebrating this year’s accomplishments! We hope the celebrations continue as we aim to make our world more peaceful near the final stretch of 2018!