The Alliance for Peacebuilding Adopts New Logo


October 8, 2019


Mena Ayazi |

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Alliance for Peacebuilding is excited to announce we have adopted a new logo. Debuted at the annual PeaceCon last week, we hope this logo will give a new impetus to our global efforts to unite for peace.


Video courtesy of our generous sponsor, Ogilvy.

Designed by the brilliant creative minds at Ogilvy, all three elements of AfP’s work are integrated into this new logo. Made up of three concentric circles, our policy work is symbolized by an olive branch on the outer ring; the next circle made up of binary code zeros and ones, representing the data behind our vital Learning and Evaluation work; and the center, two hands holding a globe, shows the partnership at the heart of everything we do. Integration of these elements and our field’s diverse and dynamic energy is critical to ending violent conflict and achieving the more just and peaceful world that we all seek.

AfP’s new logo on display at PeaceCon 2019.