Our Donors

The Alliance for Peacebuilding would like to thank our institutional donors, as well as our board members and members of our community who give so generously to make our work possible.


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The Peace Leadership Fund represents a small group of “mighty oaks” of the peacebuilding field, who provide crucial sustaining support to AfP.  At a time of great tumult and uncertainty in the world, the support of these leaders gives AfP the capacity to continue to serve as the backbone of our field.


Amb. Rick Barton
Chic Dambach
Rob Ricigliano
Mari Fitzduff
Thom Feroah
Michael Shipler
Bob Berg
Chip Hauss
Necla Tshirgi
Heidi and Guy Burgess
Amb. John McDonald
Joyce Neu
 Craig Zelizer
 Alissa Wilson