AfP’s Creativity in Crisis: Rapid Emergency Response Surveys

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, changing landscapes and virtual realities are challenges that we all are encountering, not only on a personal but also on an organizational level. Key aspects of our everyday work are so ingrained in physical presence and interaction that shifting our mind frame and operational capacity to a virtual reality is a taxing situation. From a research perspective, these changes can have huge implications for our work. Join AfP as we highlight innovative approaches to tackle these implications, highlighting the methodology used, results obtained, limitations faced, and lessons learned. This video highlights the Rapid Emergency Response Surveys piloted by Utz Pape from the World Bank Group to collect data via phone surveys across 4 conflict countries (Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen). Original resources are attached at the end for further research. Through these series, we hope to inspire a conversation around adaptation and how we, as a community can work the problem, to develop creative solutions to our shared needs. #CreativityInCrisis


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