AfP’s #CreativityInCrisis Video 2.1: Data Sampling Techniques

AfP’s Creativity in Crisis: Data Sampling Techniques – Part 1AfP’s L&E team is excited to announce the release of our 2nd video of the #CreativityInCrisis series that highlights inspiring and creative solutions applied by the peacebuilding community to L&E in fragile and conflict-affected environments.
This video (Part 1) explores Data Sampling Techniques that were used on a national level with the Rapid Emergency Response Surveys (RERS) piloted by Utz Pape and the World Bank Group across 4 countries (Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen).To assist MEL specialists, program implementors, donors, and other relevant stakeholders, AfP is producing the #CreativityinCrisis Video Series to inspire a conversation around adaptation and how we, as a community, can work the problem to develop creative solutions to our shared needs.If you have particular MEL approaches you would like us to highlight, please reach out to Shaziya DeYoung, Learning & Evaluation Research Associate at in new tab)
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