COVID-19 Response & Resources

“I wish you all well-being and security, amid the disruption of a pandemic that knows no borders and which has upended lives across the world.  This is a moment that reminds us of our shared humanity, and with it our shared vulnerability and obligation to look out for one another. It is a moment for peacebuilding to come to the fore. The worst of times can bring out the best in our humanity, and we see that spirit every day in our network as you carry out your vital work to protect civilians, bridge differences, end violence, heal trauma, build common cause, and anchor positive peace.

This is a moment to cherish those most precious to us, help a neighbor and those beyond our scope in need, and recommit to the values of compassion, creativity, and collaboration that animate our work. We will get through this, together.”

 Uzra Zeya, AfP President and CEO

With the World Health Organization (WHO) having declared COVID-19 a global pandemic AfP has taken precautionary steps:

  • As of March 12, AfP is changing to mandatory telework until further notice.  This is a preventive measure, intended to enhance social distancing and mitigate prospects for spread of the virus during a period of uncertainty.
  • This does not mean AfP is shutting down; quite the contrary, we are hard at work in telework mode, and encourage you to contact AfP staffmembers directly via email or at with general inquiries. Please note are not answering AfP phones regularly during this telework period.  We will revisit our operating stance in coming weeks and review our status as events develop.
  • We have suspended all non-essential work travel and in-person gatherings until further notice. We are proceeding to convene virtual meetings throughout spring and welcome robust participation as we engage members and partners on peacebuilding Policy, Learning & Evaluation and Partnerships.

We at AfP want to share some guidance on how to stay healthy both physically and mentally in what can be a disruptive and isolating time.

Staying Healthy:

World Health Organization Guidance on COVID-19

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance on COVID-19

Staying Happy and Productive:

On working from home: Work in the Time of Corona

Building Organizational Resiliency: The 7 Factors of Civil Society Resiliency

AfP is working hard to keep up to date with policy developments around COVID-19. We are working actively with the policy and advocacy community to support our member organizations and peacebuilders. Please find resources below ranging from legislation that you can take action to support to relevant guidance and responses from donors.

Congressional Response:

S.3548 – CARES Act

Nonprofit Economic Relief:

Treasury, IRS, and Department of Labor plan to implement tax credit for small and medium sized businesses to reimburse costs of COVID-19 related employee leave. Read here:

You can find information on how U.S. nonprofits can apply for economic relief from the U.S. Small Business Administration here:


  • The Lankford Amendment
    • Thanks to National Council of Nonprofits for leading this effort
    • Senator James Lankford (R-OK) is planning to propose an amendment to the Senate COVID-19 Stimulus bill that would, for 2020, create an above-the-line deduction for charitable donations. The amendment would:
      • Provide an above-the-line deduction for charitable giving capped at 1/3 of the standard deduction ($4000 for individuals / $8000 for married couples);
      • Ensure it’s available for all of 2020, so that those who’ve already donated this year can also take advantage of this; and
      • Ensure that there’s no giving floor included, so that we make this accessible for small dollar donors which are critical to churches and charities.
  • COVID-19 Funding Letter
    • Thanks to InterAction for leading this effort
    • This letter is a follow-up to the March 18 letter to the full committee on appropriations. The letter asks for a minimum of $1.5billion in funding spread across Migration and Refugee Assistance, International Disaster Assistance, the Economic Support Fund, and USAID Global Health Programs to support bilateral programs best positioned to respond to this fast-evolving crisis globally. The request is seen as bridge funding between the funding provided in H.R. 6074 and additional requests that might be needed in the coming months as a more complete picture of the pandemic unfolds.

Donor Response:

AfP members are on the front lines of COVID-19 response, helping mitigate the crisis and protect the world’s most vulnerable populations.  Learn more from AfP member resources and efforts here:

We are eager to highlight AfP member responses to COVID-19 here and on AfP’s social media platforms. We encourage you to email us updates at On social media please be sure to use #InThisTogether.