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The Education & Training Working Group provides online resources and facilitates collaboration to support and improve education and training activities in conflict resolution and peacebuilding, with an emphasis on sharing information and expertise to enhance the professional practice of our members and the field at large. AfP members interested in joining the Education and Training Working Group should demonstrate a commitment to consistent and active participation in meetings.

  • Increase communication and cooperation to support improving education and training
  • Create opportunities for discussion and action to address important issues in the education of new professionals in the field
  • Enhance understanding and knowledge of educators and trainers by sharing information and resources


The Education & Working Group was formed to provide an ongoing structure and mechanism to address the essential activities of educating and training professionals to work in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. The initial focus of the group has been on an international level, primarily on addressing violent ethnopolitical conflicts between identity groups (as opposed to interpersonal or group conflict in organizational or community settings). Previous one-off meetings of graduate programs or trainers in peace and conflict resolution have been useful, but need to be transformed into a continuing forum with regular meetings to enhance the preparation of the next generation of peacebuilders and to address important issues, such as the need for diversity, the quality of internships, and the evaluation of programs.

The initial focus will be on increasing the salience and utility of the Group’s web page and to organize an annual symposium on graduate education in peace and conflict resolution. It is hoped that through the interests and initiatives of members other levels of education (e.g., K-12, undergraduate) and professional training in conflict resolution and peacebuilding will become foci for similar activities.

As a member, you can use this platform to:

  • Share information and build awareness of other professionals, programs and resources related to education and training
  • Network and develop connections to enhance your work and develop collaboration
  • Share and gain knowledge from others that can be applied to your programming


As a member, you are expected to:

  • Possess a willingness and commitment to sharing information on education and training as it relates to peacebuilding
  • Operate in good faith with regards to the information shared on this site, including recognizing the Working Group if any information is used in publications or proposals


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Group Facilitators

Ron Fisher
Professor Emeritus of International Peace and Conflict Resolution
American University

Necla Tschirgi
Professor of Practice, Human Security and Peacebuilding
Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies

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