Inside Out: Leading from a Connected Place

October 2 2015

Did you see Pixar’s Inside Out? Then you’ve been introduced to some of the “parts” that guide how you react, relate, and communicate. A strong understanding of our sub-personality “parts” and essential “self” helps us to lead and communicate with calmness, curiosity and compassion. A specialty workshop combining the best of Public Conversations’ and Internal Family Systems’ approaches to constructive communication across difference – in families or communities navigating division, conflict, or trauma.

There is an untarnished core within each of us from which we can access natural wisdom, understanding, and humanity. We rarely experience this core self directly because it is obscured by self-protective parts of our personality, or lost in the fear, pain, and shame of negative past experience.

These parts can hamper our ability to skillfully communicate and lead. With the release of the new Pixar movie, “Inside Out,” and the popularization of the concept of having different “parts” of our personality, this specialty workshop combines Public Conversations’ principles for communication and leadership, and introduces the principle tenets of the Internal Family Systems model: the concept of sub-personality “parts” and the existence of an essential “self” that enables us to communicate and lead with calmness, curiosity and compassion.

In this one day workshop participants will:

  • Learn the basics of Public Conversations’ and Internal Family Systems approaches.
  • Explore the ways that self-protective parts can help and hinder thinking, feeling and communication.
  • Understand the effects of threat on perception, feeling, thinking and communicating.
  • Identify the experience of “self” when working at highest potential practice speaking from self when under pressure.
  • Learn ways to design meetings to invite more “self” and reduce the need for protective parts.

This workshop is a specialty offering, taught by Public Conversations’ practitioner Bob Stains and therapist Nancy Sowell. Nancy Sowell, MSW, LICSW, is a lead trainer of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model for the Center for Self Leadership and a teaching associate of Harvard Medical School. She provides clinical supervision and training in IFS in the Psychiatry Department at the Cambridge Health Alliance. Nancy maintains a private psychotherapy practice on Cape Cod and in Newton, Massachusetts, where she works with individuals and groups interested in using the IFS model. She’s a consultant, frequent presenter, and trainer known for creating safe learning environments with a warm, respectful approach.


Boston, MA


9:00am – 4:00pm

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