Venture Peacebuilding Symposium

January 22—23, 2018

The Venture Peacebuilding Symposium promises to be one of the most important gatherings of its kind to align the interests of impact investors, social entrepreneurs, and the professional peacebuilding sector. The two-day Venture Peacebuilding Symposium will open the doors and facilitate a global conversation where professionals from a variety of disciplines can delve into the “how” aspects of innovative investments in business ventures that promote peace and stability.

At IPSI, we do “conferences” differently. Join us at the Venture Peacebuilding Symposium, and come prepared for fast-paced presentations, structured networking, interactive workshops, open space methodologies for collaboration, a high-powered attendee list, and a strong focus on tangible outcomes and outputs. We mean business (and peace)!


Washington, DC

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