Faith & Iman Conference

March 29—31, 2019

FAITH & IMAN events bring together Muslim and Christian high school students who want to understand each other, share joy, and make a difference in the world. Is this something your community needs?

In this time of tension, division, and stereotypes, many teens have never met someone from a religion that’s not their own and had a real conversation with a peer about how their faith affects their life. We want to change that—come learn how at this weekend gathering!

Based on the long-standing success of this work by The Feast Project in the United Kingdom, you’ll learn how to bring together Muslim and Christian teens from leaders with experience from London to Beruit, from Chicago to Indianapolis. Youth who have participated will share how these events have changed their perspective and strengthened their faith and identity.

You’ll go home with a solid, well-tested toolkit to do this in your own community. Come learn how to help build these bridges where you live!


501 Midway Drive, Mt. Prospect, IL 60056

Registration has closed for this event.