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The Alliance for Middle East Peace 2019 Regional Conference

The Alliance for Middle East invites you to attend the fourth annual ALLMEP Regional Conference! Join dozens […]

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Launch of the Fragile States Index 2019

Following a tumultuous year around the globe, Cameroon, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Venezuela are among the […]

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2019 Colombia Symposium

In partnership with the Colombian Army and a high-level Consortium of local and international NGOs, governmental institutions, […]

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Oslo Business for Peace Summit

Each year, the Business for Peace Foundation arranges a Summit in Oslo, Norway. The Summit includes keynote […]

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Religion and Culture In Conflict and Peace: Reconciliation and Peacebuilding in South Asia

The 2nd International Conference on ‘Religion and Culture in Conflict and Peace’ offers opportunities for peacebuilding scholars […]

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Webinar: What is Stakeholder Engagement Anyway

Join Mediators Beyond Borders International in a conversation on What is Stakeholder Engagement anyway? Isn’t it just talking […]

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Webinar: How Dialogue Can Help Bridge Unbridgeable Divides

Join Mediators Beyond Borders International in a conversation on It’s Not Our Differences that Divide Us…How Dialogue Can […]

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Geneva 2019 Core Professional Training on Humanitarian Law and Policy

The course is designed for mid- and senior-level staff of UN and other intergovernmental agencies, components of […]

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Workshop: A CSW63 Workshop on Women and Mediation

MBBI’s United Nations Multilateral Working Group (UNMWG) is offering an interactive workshop on women, mediation, and the effective implementation […]

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From Division to Unity

The Carnegie Middle East Center and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung invite you to a conference, titled From Division to Unity: How to Share […]