Meetings and Events

Webinar: Synergizing Nonviolent Action and Peacebuilding

The Synergizing Nonviolent Action and Peacebuilding (SNAP) guide provides a strategic framework for activists, peacebuilders, and organizers working to […]

Carrying Our Stories With Us: Memory, Healing, and Peace in Sri Lanka

The 26 year civil war and other violent uprisings have broken down the very fabric of Sri […]

Refugees and Migrants: A Test of Civilization

CSIS and USA for IOM cordially invite you to a book launch of We’re in Danger! Who Will […]

The Forgotten Ones: A Documentary Film Screening and Panel Discussion on Mali’s Security Crisis

Ethnic, geographic, and political identities have fragmented Mali since the country’s 2012 coup d’état, fueling a bitter […]

Instability and Opportunity in North Africa

Since 2011, popular protests have forced four of the five governments in North Africa out of power. […]

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Courageous Conversations

In a time when our communities feel more polarized than ever, Tanenbaum’s Combating Extremism Campaign is hosting an interactive […]

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Africa in Transition | Investing in Youth for Economic Prosperity

Africa is at a crossroads—and which road its leaders take will shape the lives of billions of […]

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Does Peacebuilding Work in the Midst of Conflict?

Please join Mercy Corps and the Alliance for Peacebuilding for a presentation of their most recent research […]

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Maintaining and promoting international peace hinges on today’s youth. It is estimated that almost a quarter of […]

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A New Approach to Preventing Extremism in Fragile States

Since 9/11, the United States has successfully prevented another mass-casualty attack on its soil. But despite trillions […]