Member Qualifications

Demonstrating a Dedication Towards Sustainable Peacebuilding, Learning, and Responsibility

Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) members must meet the following criteria for membership within the organization:

  • Demonstrate a dedication to building sustainable peace and security worldwide.
  • Demonstrate commitment to evaluation and learning and to conducting effective, responsible, and innovative peacebuilding work.
  • Contribute an annual membership fee. See below for dues levels.

Organizational and Professional membership applicants are subject to a vetting process, and must meet the additional criteria below:

  • Submit two letters of endorsement from current AfP members (or another verifiable source) to demonstrate that they fulfill the criteria below.
  • Organizations must be nongovernmental in nature.
  • Organizations must provide financial information (in the form of a 990 or other qualifying document) regarding their annual budget for peacebuilding operations.

Nongovernmental organizations are subject to a vetting process upon application for membership. Annual membership dues for AfP member organizations are due on February 15th of each year, and dues amounts are based on the organization’s current annual budget for peacebuilding operations (including both administrative and program costs), as outlined in the accompanying chart. If peacebuilding is a specific program or department within the organization, the program budget can used.

Budget Size
$500,000 or less
$500,001 – $900,000
$900,001 – $1.5 million
$1.5 – $10 million
$10 – $100 million
$101 – $200 million
$200 million or more

Annual Dues

Professionals – $100

Individuals engaged in applied peacebuilding activities. Professionals are listed on the website and have special privileges within the membership.

Individuals – $50

Mid-level professionals with more than ten years of work experience.

Young Professionals – $30

Students or young professionals with less than ten years of work experience.

Visit the How To Apply page for application instructions. For questions about membership, contact Sarah Brown-Campello at