Eirene Peacebuilding Database

Download the Eirene Peacebuilding DatabaseTM

The Eirene Peacebuilding DatabaseTM is a comprehensive collection of 3,381 indicators from 2,008 publicly available peacebuilding resources.

It is the culmination of nearly two years of work to search, catalogue, curate, and share peacebuilding key indicators that will help you all better assess your work and measure impact. It puts forward program approaches, indicators, and measures currently being used in peacebuilding across seven program areas: Social Cohesion; Governance; Violence Reduction; Dispute Resolution; Perceptions of Safety & Security; Resilience; and Trust.

Please feel free to share the database – in fact it is encouraged! We simply ask that when using the database you reference it.

Citation: Baumgardner-Zuzik, J., DeYoung, S., Myers, E., Thabit, K., & Vetsch, C. (2020). Eirene Peacebuilding Database [database]. Alliance for Peacebuilding, Washington, DC.

Why Eirene?: The inspiration for the database name comes from Greek mythology where Eirene represents the personification of peace. Her name comes from the “Koinè eiréne” or common peace which were the peace treaties to which all Greek city-states adhered. She is often depicted with a scepter and cornucopia as a reminder of the causality between peace and abundance. Her scepter represents the role of building and safeguarding peace as a guiding principle of governance.


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