Peacebuilding M&E Solutions Forum

Keough School of Global Affairs, Washington, DC

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

AfP’s Second Annual Peacebuilding M&E Solutions Forum is currently registering attendees!


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The Peacebuilding M&E Solutions Forum is a unique learning opportunity focused on highlighting best practices and lessons from the field on peacebuilding M&E.

The peacebuilding field is becoming increasingly professionalized, with a stronger focus on developing evidence-based practice and the capacity for measuring impact through more rigorous M&E practices. Peacebuilding work matters, but we still struggle to show evidence of where our interventions have led to positive outcomes, such as a clear reduction in violence or increased cooperation. This lack of evidence is one of the greatest challenges we face as a field. If we believe that what we do is important and that our work is effective, then we need to prove it, to our beneficiaries, our donors, and ourselves.

In order to lay the foundation for showing greater evidence, we must overcome the challenge of weak M&E practices in peacebuilding. The field is lacking solid methodological examples, tested approaches, and proof of concepts for M&E on interventions aiming to drive complex change processes in rapidly shifting and complex environments. To begin addressing this need, the Peacebuilding M&E Solutions Forum is an opportunity for practitioners to come together, network and connect with people working in this space, and share best practices, lessons learned, results, and evidence from across the broad spectrum of M&E activities in peacebuilding programming. The Solutions Forum is an occasion for action learning through roundtable discussions to share creative, flexible, and successful strategies to pressing M&E problems in the peacebuilding field.

Participants have experienced presentations, demonstrations, and break-out sessions from the following M&E areas:

      • Qualitative and quantitative data collection
      • Monitoring systems and tools
      • Evaluation tools
      • Data quality assurance
      • Data analysis
      • Data visualization
      • Knowledge management
      • Institutional learning and knowledge translation
      • Data protection

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