Peacebuilding M&E Solutions Forum – Proposals 2019

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Alliance for Peacebuilding is seeking proposals for its second annual Peacebuilding M&E Solutions Forum to be held on Tuesday, 1 October 2019.

The Peacebuilding M&E Solutions Forum is a free opportunity for practitioners to come together and collectively share best practices, lessons learned, results from M&E activities, and evidence from across the broad spectrum of M&E activities in peacebuilding programming. The Solutions Forum is an occasion for action learning to share creative, flexible, and successful strategies to pressing M&E problems in the peacebuilding field.

Who is eligible to submit a proposal: Organizations who implement direct peacebuilding programming are encouraged to submit a proposal. Programs that are implemented in fragile and conflict affected countries that address grievances, violence reduction, and prevention but are not peacebuilding-specific programming will also be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

In order to share best practices, lessons learned, results, and evidence across the broad spectrum of M&E, the Peacebuilding M&E Solutions Forum will accept proposals that illustrate innovative methodologies for any of the following:

      • Innovative Technology for Peacebuilding M&E
      • M&E of Policy & Advocacy Programming
      • Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches for Measuring Impact
      • Cross-Sectoral M&E Approaches for Peacebuilding


Programs do not need to have completed a formal internal or external evaluation to be qualified to share evidence. Evidence incorporates methodological processes and results as well as evaluative and scientific evidence. As such, applicants may be at the project midline, endline or post programming to apply.

Please carefully read the guidelines and instructions before submitting your proposal. The full guidelines can be found below. All proposals must be submitted through an online form. A link to this form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Submission Guidelines

When submitting a proposal, you must select one of the general areas listed below. General areas are meant to indicate the primary focus of your session.

      • Innovative Technology for Peacebuilding M&E
      • M&E of Policy & Advocacy Programming
      • Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches for Measuring Impact
      • Cross-Sectoral M&E Approaches for Peacebuilding

Proposals will be accepted for 20-minute methods presentations and 45/90-minute skill-building workshops. The general format of the Solutions Forum will be three 1-hour time slots with an accompanying 30-minutes of Q&A or 45/90-minute time workshop.

We encourage the development of participatory and interactive sessions. Below are the structures and formats that will be accepted.

        • Presentations: Evidence presentations are 20-minute presentation that present monitoring and/or evaluation results and data. This includes formal and informal, and internal and external M&E results. In addition, the presentation must include a discussion on the approach/methodology employed, programmatic context, how the data was validated, replicability of the methodology, and lessons learned.
        • Skill-Building Workshops: Workshops are 45-minute interactive skills-building sessions that teach you how to use or apply a M&E concept, methodology, or tool. Workshops include hands-on opportunities and 1 or more exercises that let attendees practice the skill. This could include skills related to data collection methodologies, sampling processes, monitoring methodologies, M&E tools, data quality processes, data visualization, and dissemination and sharing procedures. Only workshops that are practically oriented and applicable to a wide variety of audiences will be considered.

The Peacebuilding M&E Solutions Forum is meant to present information that is accessible to a variety of participants, from M&E specialists, program managers, and senior management. We ask you to indicate within your proposal the professional level of the target audience.

      • Beginner (0-2 yrs. experience)
      • Intermediate (2-5 yrs. experience)
      • Advanced (5+ yrs. experience)
      • All Levels

If there are specific aspects of your presentation that will only be understood by advanced levels, we ask that you consider ways to adapt so as to make your presentation accessible to all levels as much as possible. This is not intended to limit presentations only to beginner level, but rather to make sure audience members can share in learning during the presentations and jump into deeper dives when appropriate.

Please provide a 100-150 word session description that provides enough detail so that reviewers will have a clear idea of the session content and its overall organization.

Please provide a brief program schedule/agenda of your proposed workshop. This should include a general schedule of activities, exercise descriptions, and whether this is best suited to a 45-minute or 90-minute workshop session.

You will be asked to submit 2 relevance statements: Relevance For Audience and Relevance to Presenter. Using 75 words or less for each statement, describe the relevance and importance of your proposal to the field of peacebuilding M&E. State the timeliness of the topic, an explanation of what attendees and yourself can gain from attending the session, and what key questions you have as a presenter that you are bringing to the audience. Please make sure to include in the relevance to presenter what types of feedback you would like to see from the audience.

Please provide a minimum of two learning & action outcomes. Outcomes must be quantifiable and should use active verbs.

E.g. “Participants will be able to identify four obstacles to the successful use of qualitative data for baseline studies.” vs. “Participants will discuss the obstacles of …”

E.g. “Participants will be able to identify the benefits of various data quality assurance methodologies including back-checks, constraints, and data triangulation”


Know Before You Submit

Check out Presentations from the 2018 Solutions Forum!

In order to ensure the greatest chances for success, we encourage those interested in submitting proposals to carefully review our guidelines.

Proposals can be assigned for any time between 9:00am to 4:30 pm on Tuesday, October 1st. Please do not submit a proposal if there is inflexibility in the time that it can take place, but also let us know if you have a general time preference, as we will do our best to accommodate these preferences.

              • Please ensure proposals are detailed and substantive.
              • AfP may not be able to guarantee all AV requests. Therefore, please indicate all AV needs when submitting your proposal.
              • Due to the high volume of submissions, not all proposals will be accepted for the Peacebuilding M&E Solutions Forum.


Submit a Proposal!


If your proposal is selected, you will be expected to meet the following deadlines:

July 19 – Session Proposals Due
July 26 – Notification of Acceptance
August 9 – Confirm Session Title and Submit Session Description
August 16 – Speaker Bios & Photo Due
September 16 – 20 – Organize Call with AfP Staff Lead to Finalize Session Flow and Logistics
September 24 – Submit Session Media (PowerPoints, Videos, etc)