Working Groups


Working Groups

Facilitating Learning, Joint Collaboration, and Collective Action


The Working Group program serves as the opportunity for members within the peacebuilding community to engage in conversations that wouldn’t happen anywhere else, sharpening the innovative edge needed to tackle today’s problems. We encourage members to join one or more groups based on their interests and work.

Current Working Groups



Can I Create a Working Group?

We are always open to considering additional Working Groups as the desire arises, but due to limitations in staff capacity, there are specific criteria for forming new formal Working Groups: interest from at least 5 AfP members, and a designated group leader to perform functions including providing general direction to the group, initiating meetings, tracking action items, etc. Note: individuals who volunteer as group leaders must demonstrate a commitment to the goals and principles of the group.

For more information about AfP’s Working Groups, contact Liz Hume at