Conflict Sensitivity







The integration of conflict sensitivity across all development sectors remains an ongoing challenge. Even though conflict sensitivity and “do no harm” have existed for more than two decades and been accepted as a fundamental principle in peacebuilding programs, many organizations and practitioners still find it difficult to implement conflict sensitivity in development and humanitarian programs. We need to do better.

With global violence on the rise, ensuring good policy approaches that minimize the potential for conflict and maximize opportunities for peace in programs is essential across all development sectors, not just peacebuilding programs. This working group discusses conflict sensitivity in the peacebuilding sector and elsewhere and outline challenges, successes, and strategies for mainstreaming conflict sensitivity across organizations, projects, and activities. The objective of this first session is to brainstorm ideas, topics, and events on which this working group should focus. In addition, communication, coordination, and info-sharing preferences will be elicited.

The Conflict Sensitivity Working Group is in partnership with: