Countering/Preventing Violent Extremism

The working group works with all levels of US government, domestically and abroad, to develop durable solutions to violent extremism that use the enormous resources of the US government to address the underlying causes of extremism and build international peace.

The goals of this working group include:

Advocate for a paradigm shift of USG policy that moves away from violent responses to extremism towards strategies that address the underlying drivers of extremism.
• Build a large, diverse coalition that includes organizational members from peacebuilding, democracy and governance, human rights and operational humanitarian organizations.
• Promote long term solutions to VE as opposed to short term, possibly harmful, violent interventions.
Separate ideology and religion from the discussion about violent extremism.
• Ensure that domestic CVE programs take steps to actively protect civil liberties and campaign against programs that profile specific communities.
Assess the level of the threat posed by violent extremism to the United States and explore the possibility that certain USG CVE policies exasperate this threat.
• Create talking points and advocacy strategies for interactions with USG entities to further the working group’s agenda.
• Facilitate discussion and collaboration between working group members.
Prevent militarized approaches to problems better solved through peaceful engagement.

CVE Digest

The digest is a compilation of recent statements, activities and commentaries on CVE policy. It also includes essential background readings to understand the U.S. CVE strategy as well as highlights of the work AfP members are doing on CVE.

Read the CVE Digest


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