Neuroscience and Peacebuilding

Recognizing the potential for neuroscience to unmask the deep roots of conflict dynamics, and help shape and reframe the design of peacebuilding interventions, the Alliance for Peacebuilding has undertaken several initiatives at the intersection of neuroscience and peacebuilding. We welcome broad engagement from the peacebuilding – and related – communities, as we move forward with this groundbreaking work. Ultimately, we are working to support a new subfield at the intersection of neuroscience and peace.

The purpose of this group is to both educate the peacebuilding community about the new applications of neuroscience, and to work jointly on particular projects, areas of interest, etc. This is a group open to all AfP members – and selected outside experts. The agenda is set by group members, with support by AfP staff and volunteers. The group will meet on a schedule to be determined. Ultimately, the group will serve an important testing and dissemination function as new research is developed through related projects.


AfP’s role in this subject emerged after the joint conference sponsored by Beyond Conflict, the El Hibri Foundation and AfP in January 2015, on neuroscience and peacebuilding, with an emphasis on Islamaphobia and other forms of prejudice. Since then, AfP has been working closely with these, as well as other partners, to support the growth of this innovative work. At the AfP 2015 Spring Annual Conference, AfP established the Working group on Peacebuilding and Neuroscience.


Rewiring the Brain for Peace is now Peace ReWire, which combines the power of neuroscience, spiritual and contemplative practice, and peacebuilding, to catalyze “inner peace,” and spark broad-scale social transformation. Explore Peace ReWire here.


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