Technology & Social Media

The advent of new technologies, from AI to “deep fakes,” has upended not only the way we think, communicate, and interact with one another, it has proven to have a profound transformative and disruptive impact on fragile and conflict-prone states, as well as established democracies.

The Technology and Social Media working group seeks to provide a platform for members to engage one another and leading private sector players on elevating peacebuilding principles within this fast-evolving tech landscape. The working group aims to embrace innovation and harness technology to address the most pressing issues, including the rise of geopolitics and new forms of warfare; engage with the twin tasks of leveraging the opportunities technology provides, while managing its disruptive impact; and build a collective voice in related global policy and multi-stakeholder frameworks.

Next Steps/Ongoing Efforts:
  • Working Group is mapping ongoing member efforts in the technology and social media space including NGO capacity building, efforts to counter disinformation and hate speech, and peace engineering.
  • AfP endorsed the Paris Call for Trust and Security in CyberSecurity as a civil society stakeholder in August 2019.
  • PeaceCon 2019 will include five sessions focused on technology and peacebuilding.

The Technology and Social Media Working Group is a partnership between: