Rewiring the Brain for Peace

Note: This is a past program that is no longer housed at the Alliance for Peacebuilding. Peace ReWire currently operates as an independent project. You can view their website here.

Peace ReWire, formerly known as Re-Wiring the Brain for Peace, is a collaboration between neuroscientists, peacebuilding experts, and spiritual leaders, who have worked together to explore how to “rewire” the brain for peace. As a group, we have sought methods of countering the changes in the brain that occur under situations of violence, trauma, and war. This project studies how rituals, spiritual practices, and values that exist in every society serve not only to transform fear and anger on an individual level, but also act as conduits for positive social values and help spark collective change.

Peace ReWire began as an initiative of the Alliance for Peacebuilding, and now works as a consortium with the Avielle Foundation, and other partners, mobilizing an extraordinary community of top-level scientists, spiritual leaders, peacebuilding practitioners, and social change leaders from all over the world. The consortium has spent two years researching and analyzing a vast body of research at the intersection of neuroscience, spirituality, and peacebuilding, and translating the results into very practical tools for inspiration and action. This work allows for an understanding of the role that spiritual practices, rituals and values play both within the individual brain, and between large numbers of individuals. Peace ReWire supports mobilization by translating the knowledge to inspire and support individuals and communities around the world in undertaking a journey of inner and group transformation.

The preparatory phase of this project has been enabled through the generous support of the United States Institute of Peace and the George Family Foundation.

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