Each year, the International Day of Peace is observed across the globe on the 21st of September. Peace Day has grown from an International Day recognized by the United Nations (UN) to a global display of unity for more peaceful, just and inclusive societies. As the hub of the peacebuilding field, the Alliance for Peacebuilding aims to work with its members in using this special day to bring further awareness and attention to the amazing accomplishments peacebuilding has achieved across the world.

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The theme for 2018: “The Right to Peace – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70.”

This year’s theme celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). While the UDHR lays out values for freedom and justice, it does not include an article on the “Right to Peace.” This year, the UN encourages everyone to share what a “right to peace” means to them. While You can read more about this year’s theme and the right to peace on the United Nations’ Website.


Peace Day Across the World – Initiatives from the Peacebuilding Field


Let’s Get Peacebuilding in the Dictionary!

The word “peacebuilding” was first used in 1975, yet it still isn’t defined in any dictionary. AfP is working with Search for Common Ground, International Alert and many others to get peacebuilding added to the dictionary! Let’s recognize the amazing work of our members and all peacebuilders working to end violent conflict. Let’s use Peace Day to spread the word on social media and get #peacebuilding added to the dictionary.


Peace Day Challenge

The United States Institute of Peace’s Peace Day Challenge exists to raise the profile of the International Day of Peace and to affirm peace as a real alternative to the violence we see every day in the news. This challenge encourages individuals to take and share ideas for action. This year, USIP collaborated with Scholastic to create a Poster Teaching Guide for the Peace Day Challenge to support students taking action on September 21st.


2018 Peace Perception Polls

AfP Member International Alert and their partners have just released the results of the 2018 Peace Perceptions Poll! It surveyed more than 100,000 people in 15 countries about their views on peace and conflict. The poll sought to answer questions around how people experience and respond to violence where they live, what contributes to more peaceful and secure societies, and how they think their government should respond to conflict.

In the build-up to #PeaceDay, we want to recognize this critical contribution to the peacebuilding field. Read the full report of the poll results here:https://www.international-alert.org/peacepoll/





AfP member Peace Direct is sharing what peace means to their local partners across the world! Join the conversation on social media and tell everyone #whatpeacemeans to you!


Partnerships for Peace Coalition 

AfP is taking part in Peace One Day’s Partnership for Peace Coalition in raising social media awareness of #peaceday across the globe! Peace One Day has many other activities to celebrate and raise awareness of the International Day of Peace.


Geneva Peace Talks

Every year, around Peace Day, Interpeace co-organizes the Geneva Peace Talks together with the United Nations Office at Geneva and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform. The purpose of the Peace Talks is to expand the space for discussion about building peace and resolving conflict. Through individual Peace Talks, speakers from different sectors and industries share their personal stories, ideas and practical solutions to resolve conflict.


Top 5 Peace Stories of 2018 

AfP member Peace News Network is using the International Day of Peace as a moment to highlight the top peace stories of 2018! Read the full article here.


Peace Crane Project

The Peace Crane Project is dedicated to uniting children across the world through the arts – Fold a Crane. Show your support by folding peace cranes and sharing them on social media!


Global Feast for Peace

International Cities of Peace encourages everyone to join together during International Day of Peace or during Peace Week for a feast! The gathering can be a formal lunch or a group potluck where people bring a dish and share. Other events can be planned before, during, and/or after the Global Feast, including bell ringing, speakers, musical events, meditations and prayers, moments of silence and other activities that foster a culture of peace.