Dynamic Content Reaching a Broad Audience

The Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) publishes and disseminates dynamic content on peacebuilding and models for the field that reach a broad audience, including members of our own community, other nongovernmental organizations, funders, policymakers, and others.


In 2013, AfP and Rowman and Littlefield agreed to publish a series of books on peacebuilding for students and practitioners as well as the general public.

You can view and purchase the books here.

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AfP’s policy briefs provide reliable information on new issues within the peacebuilding field. For more information on current policy and policy briefs, contact Liz Hume at

This series aims to foster the practical integration of the twin objectives of gender equality and peace.


AfP releases many reports each year that address new topics within the peacebuilding field, our work and the focuses of our working groups.

Annual Reports

  • Creativity In Crisis Video Series:
Video 1 – Rapid Emergency Response Surveys (2020)
Video 2.1 – Data Sampling Techniques (2020)
Video 2.2 – Data Sampling Techniques (2020)

Archived Publications

Building Peace was an AfP publication that highlighted the myriad of ways in which peacebuilding can heal war-torn societies and prevent deadly violence in the world’s most chaotic and fragile conflict zones. This project was commenced in 2013 and finished in 2015. Jessica Berns served as the Editor-in-Chief of Building Peace. Below are the archived editions of Building Peace.


A Spotlight on Members Worldwide

Stories from AfP’s own members, highlighting the richness and creativity of members’ peacebuilding activities across 153 countries.

AfP’s Policy & Advocacy program and its Human Security program have been shaped a great deal by the previous work of 3P Human Security (formerly the 3D Security Initiative), an organization established in 2005 to bring civil society peacebuilding voices and approaches to US policymakers. The organization merged with AfP in 2012 and the publications in this collection were produced by 3P over its eight years of policy & advocacy in Washington.

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