Conflict-Affected & Fragile States

Finding Common Ground to Stop Sectarian Violence in Pakistan (Spring 2016)

By Olivia Dreier, Executive Director of the Karuna Center for Peacebuilding and Mehlaqa Samdani, Executive Director of Critical […]

Bit by Bit: Local Efforts to Peace Syria Back Together (Spring 2016)

By Jacob Uzman, Junior Program Officer Conflict Dynamics International Leila Hilal, Syria and Senior Advisor Conflict Dynamics International As the […]

Building Peace from the Ground Up: Foundations for Peaceful Futures (Spring 2016)

By Sara Homayouni, US Communications Intern, Peace Direct In February of this year, 23 child soldiers in the […]

Preventing Conflict: Shifting the Focus (Spring 2016)

By Teresa Dumasy, Head of Policy and Learning, Conciliation Resources The need to prevent and end violent conflict is […]

“While I ran to war, she ran from it” (Spring 2016)

The Story of a US Veteran and a Syrian Expatriate By Phoenicia A. Lewis and Wafaa Arbash, The Heller […]

The Peacemaking Paradox (Spring 2016)

By Wendy C. Hamblet, Professor (Philosophy) and Accredited Peace Professional of Canada Hillary Clinton quotes an African […]

National Consensus, Regional and International Real Will for Peace in Afghanistan (Spring 2016)

By Ahmad Naveed Noormal, Brandeis University Peacebuilding in Afghanistan has been one of the most frequent topics […]

Peacebuilding and Unarmed Civilian Protection

Unarmed civilian protection (UCP) is an emerging methodology for the direct protection of civilians and for localized […]

Peacebuilding Community’s Strong Support for Dialogue in Syria

Monthly Update: Learning and Evaluation (Oct.-Nov. 2015)

Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium (PEC) With funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the PEC is continuing […]