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Monthly Update: Communications (Jul.-Aug. 2016)

September 19, 2016
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Publications In July, AfP published several articles, including an op-ed piece by Liz Hume, Melanie Greenberg, and […]

Combating Criminalized Power Structures: A Tool Kit

Edited by Michael Dziedzic Criminalized power structures (CPS) are illicit networks that profit from transactions in black […]

AfP and Peace Direct Host Tomorrow’s Peacebuilder Awards

AfP is proud to Sponsor Peace Direct’s ‘Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders Awards!’ The awards were launched in 2013 by […]

8 Key Messages for Next Gen Peace

3 full days of programming. 500 attendees and 153 speakers from 23 countries and 195 different organizations. 49 unique sessions and exhibits on topics as diverse as climate change, trauma healing, electoral violence, race relations in America, storytelling, violent extremism, fragility, systems, technology and evaluation.

Monthly Update: Communications (Apr.-May 2016)

June 15, 2016
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In 2016, AfP has published four op-ed pieces in mainstream media outlets, including our latest article on […]

To Solve Peacebuilding Challenges, Bring in Innovative Ideas from the Tech Sector

By Stone Conroy (State Department) & Jacqui Deelstra (Creative Associates International) In the foreword of a book […]

If you only go to one event this spring, #PeaceCon2016 should be it.

By Hanna Hayden, Annual Conference Planning Assistant, Alliance for Peacebuilding Originally posted by Peace Times Who should […]

Monthly Update: Communications (Feb.-Mar. 2016)

AfP’s communications team has continued to share the latest news and perspectives from our field.  In a […]

Monthly Update: Communications (Dec. 2015-Jan. 2016)

AfP’s communications team was thrilled to close 2015 with a successful #BeThePeace campaign.  The hashtag resonated throughout social […]

The Peacebuilder’s Field Guide to Protest Movements

By Maria J. Stephan, Senior policy fellow at the United States Institute of Peace and a nonresident […]