Refugees & IDPs & Migration

To Solve Peacebuilding Challenges, Bring in Innovative Ideas from the Tech Sector

By Stone Conroy (State Department) & Jacqui Deelstra (Creative Associates International) In the foreword of a book […]

How Syrian Refugees Transformed a South L.A. School — from 7,500 Miles Away

By Allison Finn, Program Coordinator, Global Nomads Group In April 2015, Global Nomads Group connected Syrian and […]

Islamophobia doesn’t defeat violent extremism; It helps grow it

By Melanie Greenberg, President and CEO of the Alliance for Peacebuilding Published on The Hill Following the […]

The Transformative Power of Storytelling (Summer 2015)

By Kiran Singh Sirah, International Storytelling Center As president of the International Storytelling Center, I’m very much […]

CDR Associates Assists with the Syrian Refugee Crisis and Ethic Tensions in Myanmar (Fall 2014)

CDR Associates October 29, 2014 Lebanon and Jordan: The Syrian civil war, now in its fourth year, […]

Migration Dimensions of the Crisis in the Central African Republic: Short, Medium and Long-term Considerations

International Office for Migration Marita Swain, Kerry Maze August 2014 CAR has a turbulent history replete with […]

The Syrian Refugee Crisis and CDR Associates Conflict Resolution Services (Summer 2014)

The Syrian civil war, now in its fourth year, has resulted 2.8 million displaced Syrians living outside […]

South Sudan: Struggling to Stay Alive

E-International Relations Author: Mukesh Kapila May 24, 2014 The world’s newest country – the Republic of South […]

UPEACE Offering Four New Courses on Protection of Human Rights

UPEACE-HRC Team University for Peace-United Nations   Sexual Exploitation of Children: 2 July – 12 August, 2014 […]

New Peace Targets for the Post-2015 Development Agenda

The next chapter in the world’s global development goals is almost here! Next year, when the Millennium […]