Trauma & Psychosocial Healing

Monthly Update: Neuroscience and Peacebuilding (Jul.-Aug. 2016)

AfP’s Rewiring the Brain for Peace project is well on its way toward making substantial progress in […]

If you only go to one event this spring, #PeaceCon2016 should be it.

By Hanna Hayden, Annual Conference Planning Assistant, Alliance for Peacebuilding Originally posted by Peace Times Who should […]

The Year in Haiku

By John Paul Lederach Based on a year long experiment to write a haiku a day placed […]

Building Peace from the Ground Up: Foundations for Peaceful Futures (Spring 2016)

By Sara Homayouni, US Communications Intern, Peace Direct In February of this year, 23 child soldiers in the […]

Political is Personal / Israel + Palestine – #WhatsYourPeace

By Sarah Arnd Linder (Founder of Political is Personal / Israel + Palestine) Political is Personal / […]

Across the Lines of Conflict: Facilitating Cooperation to Build Peace

Edited by: Michael Lund , Steve McDonald This volume presents peacebuilding initiatives that engage local leaders from […]

Peacemakers, Employers Come Together for Education

By VOA Learning English:the Education Report, Learning English is VOA’s multimedia source of news and information for […]

Monthly Update: New Initiatives (July-Sept. 2015)

Peace, Neuroscience, and Spirituality: Forging New Links between Mind, Society, and Behavior to Support Resilience, Counter Violence […]

EMU’s Peacebuilder Magazine

Eastern Mennonite University’s latest issue of Peacebuilder Magazine document 12 peacebuilding institutes around the world who are […]

How Young Afghan Women are Scaling the Heights to Success (Summer 2015)

By Jessica Wattman, New Markets Advisors, and Marina LeGree, Ascend: Leadership Through Athletics Young women in Afghanistan […]