‘Gender &’ Research Brief Series

AfP is pleased to share the ‘Gender &’ Research Brief Series, which aims to foster the practical […]

AfP’s Human Security Program

We are pleased to share several exciting updates to AfP’s Human Security program. Issues of human security, […]

AfP’s Recommendations for Better CVE Policy

Peacebuilding Community’s Strong Support for Dialogue in Syria

Peacebuilding Field Responds to Burundi’s Escalating Violence

“There is ample opportunity for Burundian citizens and the international community to come together to de-escalate tensions,” […]

Military Support to Peacebuilding (2014)

Military Support to Governance (2014)

Locally Led Peacebuilding in the Central African Republic (2014)

Theories of Change (2015)

Theories of Change on Counter Terrorism, Counterinsurgency and Preventing Violent Extremism (2015)